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4 Simple Ways to Find Your Inner Peace Daily

Reconnecting with Yourself is the First Step to Inner Peace and Thriving. Here’s How.

Reconnecting with you is the first step for everything. I promise.

For inner peace. For thriving.

For feeling more confident. For having more ease in your life + work. For feeling free as can be.

For living an extraordinary, enchanted, and magical life. 🪄🧚‍♀️🐉

I sent out a simple daily check-in to help cultivate a thriving relationship with yourself to those on my email list, and have received so much positive feedback on how helpful it is that I also want to share that with you, too.

So, keep reading for those four questions/journal prompts as well as a link to a pretty PDF so you can print out those questions and have on your desk as reminder.

You want inner peace. You want to stop the monkey mind. You want to be in your head less.

The first step is reconnecting with yourself. 

Cultivating your relationship with yourself. 

So, let’s start small. 

Put a reminder on your phone to just pause, breathe and check-in with yourself, your soul, your heart, your energy. 

And ask yourself the below four questions EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And if you miss a day – no worries. Just start again when you remember.

I’ve made it pretty so it’s something lovely to look at while you check in with yourself. 

The 4 Questions

Just take a pause and see where you’re at right now. What comes up when you check in with yourself and what you’re feeling today? Are you excited? Nervous about a big presentation coming up at work? Stressed about a deadline or something your partner said to you? Anxious about your child? Exhausted from the day to day? Sad? Depressed or muted? Or are you feeling calm and at ease? Joyful about life? Content? Energized? Confident and proud?

Just what are you feeling and can you state and feel these feelings without judging yourself for those feelings? Without making those feelings mean anything about yourself, your life, your work, others in your life, etc? Can you just let those feelings be?

Take a deep, deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Maybe even with an audible sigh. Do another one if you need.

How is your soul? What is your heart feeling right now? Where is your energy right now? Is it in doom and gloom? Or frenetic and bouncing from one thing to the next? Or is it in a vibe of connection and ease?

Again, there is no judgement or shame for wherever you’re at. We are simply just checking in. Taking a pulse on where you are right now in this moment. Being more mindful and creating awareness. Because the more awareness we have, the easier it is to shift our states of being, shift into connection with ourselves and others, and shift into presence, ease, and thriving.

If yes, how did that make me feel? Sit with those feelings for at least 30 seconds. Longer if it doesn’t push your body into survival mode, an intensity level that’s greater than a 7 (on a scale of 1-10), or a lot of discomfort.

If no, what’s something that I can do right now or in the very near future for myself?

If yes, feel that experience wash over you like a warm calming light. Explore where you feel that joy in your body. See how long you can stay with that sensation or feeling in your body.

If no, think of someone, something, or a memory that makes you smile and physically SMILE.

Closing Words

Someone recently said that “our capacity for life and our experience of it is so vast if we just watch for a minute and hold on.” I feel that so much.

And it’s just one reason why your connection with yourself, and taking time for YOU is beyond important. It’s required if you want to continue to thrive in a way where you aren’t going to burn out and is sustainable for you. Your capacity for life and all that comes with it will expand. I promise.

Until next time, my friend…

xoxo Ashley

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