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I encourage my clients all the time to celebrate – their growth, milestones, small things, big things, in between things, letting go, changes in their mindset, etc. – and I recently forgot to celebrate a big thing.

💡Celebrations are important to not gloss over because what we celebrate, we integrate (thanks to one of my coaches for this). What we appreciate, appreciates.

On June 23, 2020, I became a paid Life + Career + Transformation Coach. That is when I received my first payment from my first client. That means, I’ve owned my own business and been a professional Life + Career Coach for two years now. And that makes my heart sing. It’s been so unbelievably amazing to do work that lights me up and get paid well for it. It’s something I believe we all deserve. And it’s what I help my clients do – and so much more – because our work together goes way deeper than that (just check out my client testimonials on my website:!)

So today + throughout next week, I will be celebrating myself. Because again, what we celebrate, we integrate. What we appreciate, appreciates.

This will look something like:

🎉 Buying myself the piece of art I’ve been eyeing for several months now, even though I don’t know where we’ll put it; it’s appropriately titled “In Bloom”

🎉 Taking time to reflect on the last two years of my business, my clients, myself and all that it has provided for me, Mike and our kitties – including all the personal growth I’ve experienced

🎉 Having a play day for myself and getting out into nature, experiencing something new + different

🎉 Enjoying a fun night out with my husband

There may be other things I’ll come up with too. For now, I just want to honor and acknowledge what I’ve built for myself and my family for the past two years (and even before that because it’s all led me here).

And I hope you’ll take a moment to celebrate yourself and where you are right now – no matter where you are – because I am positive that if you look for it you can find something to celebrate and appreciate about yourself right now. It may take a moment, but make your brain do the work and then do something for yourself to honor it. 💜

xoxo Ashley

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