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Our Thoughts Are Not Facts

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Earlier today, the thought popped into my head: “Maybe I’m just self-centered, and I wonder if I do actually care about anything or anyone other than myself.”

Weird coming from a Coach, right (who is also a wife, cat mom, daughter, sister, friend, etc.)?

What a “lovely” thought coming from my brain.

I don’t actually believe that I’m so self-centered that I don’t care about anyone other than myself. I put myself first often – but that’s not self-centered or even selfish. That’s just necessary.

And, if I stop and be like a scientist for a minute, there is plenty of evidence that shows me otherwise and lots of people who would tell you otherwise. I’m just showing you that this type of thinking is what my brain offers me sometimes. What our brains do sometimes.

They brain. Sometimes beautifully, sometimes randomly, sometimes in ways that serve us and sometimes in ways that don’t.

Our thoughts aren’t facts or always true. And they don’t always need to be thoroughly examined (sometimes, yes, it’s helpful, but not always necessary). We can choose to let the ones go that don’t serve us or help get us to where we want to go.

If I really wanted to get into a huge tailspin about what the f*ck this thought means about me or if I’m a “good” [insert whatever label you want here]. And then feel really sad and shallow. Sure, I could have done that. Or I could have also searched for if there is a message this thought is trying to tell me (which don’t get me wrong sometimes there is and I totally have myself and my clients investigate this at times.)

But sometimes brains are just being brains and braining – which again sometimes it’s helpful braining, sometimes not. Sometimes we can just decide to dismiss the thought and that it doesn’t mean a thing. Some random neuron fired together with another neuron and created this thought. That’s it. The end.

Let’s move on.

Want to get geeky/science-y and woo woo with me (the woo is also backed by research + science too – whaatttt?), so you can learn more about how your thoughts along with inspired action can help you create the life + career you desire? How it can help you feel more confident, help you figure out what you’re really meant to do on this planet, help you with boundaries, help you with perfectionism, help you prioritize yourself, help you with basically everything?

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xoxo Ashley

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