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The Impact of Guilt

The next round of the business mastermind that I’m in kicked off today and it felt so good to be surrounded by amazing women who are changing the world.

As I sometimes do when I have a virtual training that spans over a few days, I’ll book a local Airbnb, so I can fully immerse myself as well as have time to digest + relax when it ends for the day.

It’s fun, it feels luxurious, it’s peaceful, and it’s quiet, solo time that we don’t always get, but need.

However, at the same time it brings up all kinds of thoughts and feelings for being away and spending money on “unnecessary” things.

Some of it is cat mom guilt (it’s a real thing, y’all) as well as wife guilt and money guilt.

Brought on by thoughts like “is this really necessary? You could have just done this from home.” Or “who are you to spend and go away like this, shouldn’t you be at home with your family, taking care of things?” Side note: I love spending time with my husband + my cats very much AND we are also both independent and enjoy our “me time”, but some of this runs deeper than we know, until we examine it.

And when we examine it, we find that these feelings of undeserving and guilt have been brought on by centuries of programming and conditioning.

As women, we’ve been (consciously and unconsciously) socialized to be givers and not receivers.

It’s not always so clear though, so I’ve been on a mission to better understand this for myself + help others see where it impacts them.

Because it does. Even in 2022.

It stops us from going after what we really want.

It stops us from asking for help.

It stops us from taking proper rest.

It stops us from advocating for ourselves + getting paid what we deserve.

And yes it even sometimes stops us from fully enjoying a solo getaway.

In short, it stops us from being the awesome human beings we are and living the life we truly desire + deserve.

By being aware, we can start to change this. This is the beginning of the work that I do with my clients. It unravels so much. And then over six months, I teach you the skills to confidently + authentically create whatever you want for the rest of your life.

If this resonates, then let’s talk. Set up a free Discovery Session with me, so you can start living life on your terms.

xoxo Ashley

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