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The Key Ingredients for Letting Go of What Others Think


I get asked a lot about how I was able to stop caring what others thought, to stop people-pleasing and have more confidence in myself.

1. Confidence, I’m not even really sure it is a thing. It’s certainly not something that you’re always going to have. But if it is a thing, then confidence is a result, not a requirement. So sometimes you just gotta stop thinking about it and go for it.

2. Letting go of what others think, I relearned how to be a human. Like how we’re made to be, how we are naturally when we stop thinking so much about it, whatever it is at the moment. We’re made to be ourselves, to be present, to be. So I started showing up authentic AF and present + curious. And stopped taking myself so damn seriously.

Presence + Authenticity were my first steps – just showing up and seeing what happens when I was me, when I was listening, when I was noticing, when I was just BEING. And that’s when cool stuff started to happen. I started to trust, I started to let go, I started being more human. I stopped focusing so much on myself, on what others think. Side Note: I still get in my head, I’m human. I now just spend less time there.

Some of you may say, well you own your own business, you’re not in corporate anymore so you can do that. Well I call BS on that. While I built my coaching business the first year, I was consulting for a former employer. So I had to show up “corporate” so to say, but that didn’t stop me from showing up as me, from showing up as fully present, from trusting myself that whatever was about to come out of my mouth was fine or I’d be OK if it wasn’t. In fact, I’d felt more comfortable in meetings, giving presentations and speaking up than I ever had before in my life. And it was because I LET GO. It was because I decided to just show up and see what happens (yes, of course I still prepare, but my energy going into any meeting (and any situation, really) is SO different than before).

If you want to dive into this more with a trusted guide to help you find your confidence, your presence, your true “Thrive Mode” in life and business, then book a complimentary Discovery Session to see if we’re a good fit and to discuss how we can have some fun creating your life + career on your terms!

xoxo Ashley

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