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The Surrender Experiment


I’ve been feeling a little stuck recently – personally and professionally. Just feeling off and a little stuck, but primarily feeling that I should be doing more, I should be making time to write for my website, I should be doing X or I should have said Y. I should be further along.

Basically, “shoulding” all over myself. Which I find typically doesn’t help, but we’re human so we do it sometimes. 

Inspired by a conversation with my mentor as well as a course that I’m taking right now, I’ve decided to take the pressure off and see what happens for the next month if I just follow my intuition, if I just do whatever occurs to me to do in the moment.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. It could be unproductive or it could be really freaking cool. I don’t know. But that’s what’s exciting for me. I have no expectations. And there’s an awesome feeling in there around no expectations and giving myself that permission – an easiness, an effortless flow – in doing whatever occurs to me to do moment by moment…as best as I can. 

So, if I get an intuitive hit or an inclination to go write, I will go write. If I hear, go take a nap, I’ll go take a nap (assuming I don’t have a client session during said nap…those always energize me). If it pops into my mind to call someone, I’ll give them a call. A bit of surrendering and allowing.

I wanted to share because if you’re feeling stuck somewhere – or even if you’re not – and are up for it, I invite you to try this experiment on too. 

We can always go back to the old way after it’s over. So feel free to put a time limit around it for yourself too – it can be just 5 minutes out of a day – to just really pay attention to what occurs to you to do. Or if you’re able, join me for the entire month and see what happens when you listen to those inclinations – not an immediate urge per se – but something that comes from somewhere a bit deeper, has a deeper feeling to it. A knowing. 

See what you notice, see what happens, share with me if you feel inclined.

I’ll let you know in a month how mine went. I started this on Nov. 11…and I’ve already seen a difference, that I know. I’m in a bit more flow (and hey that rhymed :).

xoxo Ashley

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