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What Do We Really Want?

Inspired by a group call that I led with my coaching clients last night (some really amazing + inspiring women btw), we are all really more alike than we may ever know. 

We just want to be happy. 

We just want to discover what that truly means to us.

We just want to know ourselves better…and who we are underneath all the masks, expectations and not good enough thoughts that we throw on ourselves. OR that others throw on us. 

Like really who are we. What makes us feel alive. What makes us feel good. Who are we at our core. 

And that’s the type of self-discovery that is SO worth it. Whether it’s with a transformational coach + guide like myself or a via book or podcast that you read/listen to or something completely different – like travel. It can be life-changing. 

Why? Because you start approaching + seeing life differently. You have a different perspective about what’s possible for yourself, for others, for the world. 

And that changes everything.

That sets you off on a very different trajectory than what you’re currently on. Confidence soars, different choices are made, actions are taken, things come into your life that you never thought were possible. And most importantly – you’re kinder to yourself. You see yourself differently. You feel that you are enough – in every aspect of your life.

So join me and a few other amazing women in my first-ever Small Group Coaching MasterMind to kick off this work. We’ll help each other to get more out of our lives and careers, discover who we are and what we really want out of life, be inspired, and feel empowered to be, do and have whatever we want. We begin in March. Book a free call with me to apply. It’s limited to 4-6 women, so it will be a super special and intimate experience. 

Or if you’re looking for 1:1 support, let’s talk about what that could look like for you and how I can best support you. Set up a free Discovery Call with me, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for each other.

xoxo Ashley

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