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What Does Your Ecosystem of Support Look Like?

Why You Need Support + Ideas to Cultivate Your Support System

I’m keeping this semi-short today (hopefully :). You deserve a lush ecosystem of support, so that you can create the delicious life that is truly meant for you, that you truly desire. That’s what’s going to be the difference between you and THRIVING. That is what is going to accelerate the timeline for you. That is what is required. We have to protect the asset – and that asset is YOU.

I wanted to let you know that it’s OK to invest in yourself and to prioritize you. We are socialized to always put others first, but that’s not helping anyone. It’s not helping your partner, your kids, your friends, your pets or your family. And, it’s certainly not helping you. It’s not what a THRIVING YOU looks like. 

So my invitation to you today is to find and create your lush ecosystem of support. Give it some thought.

Cultivating a Lush Ecosystem of Support

What does that look like for you?

How are you cultivating a lush ecosystem of support for yourself?

Who and what type of support do you desire? What do you absolutely need in order to thrive? Further, what do you DESIRE in terms of support?

Then start setting it up for yourself – piece by piece or all at once – whatever you desire. And feel free to also email me and tell me what yours is or what you aspire for it to look like – for some additional commitment and accountability. 

The key word here is lush. I use lush because that’s what it needs to be. It needs to be an ecosystem. It needs to have depth. I want you to THRIVE and feel fully ALIVE in your LIFE. To be supported. To be engaged. To be well taken care of. To be present and enjoy this beautiful, joyful, delicious life that you deserve.  

What My Ecosystem Looks Like

To help inspire you and give you some ideas, my lush ecosystem of support looks like:

  • A daily morning practice that includes time for myself in the morning (including not looking at my phone for at least the first 30 minutes of my day – as best as I can)
  • Regular meditation (including app subscriptions to make it easy for me to do)
  • A monthly spa + massage membership
  • A 1:1 Life Coach who I meet with regularly (yes, even Coaches have Coaches…and yes, I have a Coach always – the ongoing support even when things are amazing is so valuable and then of course when things are not so amazing. It’s critical for me, my life, my relationships and my business to always have support).
  • A weekly mastermind group where I’m supported by and in conversation with other amazing like-minded women
  • A virtual healing circle facilitated by a Trauma Healing + Nervous System Regulation Coach (primarily focused on “little t” trauma – which as humans we all have)
  • Meditative breath work sessions
  • A trusted cat sitter for when we go out of town so we don’t have to worry about our fur babies
  • A gym membership
  • Regular adventures with my husband (could be checking out something new here in LA, could be getting out into nature, could be going on a trip, just always seeking something to explore, do differently, change it up)
  • An uplifting music playlist that I play when I’m showering/getting ready – to start the day off with some fun + inspiration, but let’s be honest it’s also so I can break out into spontaneous dancing
  • And the biggest one of all (and one that I’m still working on): Asking for and receiving help + support – not only when I need, but when I desire it.

Now, I know that list is long (and there’s probably something/someone I’m forgetting – like my uber supportive husband! XOXO.). But, I’m only sharing mine as an example. Your lush ecosystem of support doesn’t have to or even need to look like mine. You just need to have one. 

Why We Need + Deserve Support

My lush ecosystem of support has helped me create this truly delicious life that I am so grateful for now. It’s insane what a difference a few years can make, and what putting ourselves first can do. I love my life more, I love myself more, I love my husband more, I love my friends more, I love my family more, I love more period. 

Sure, it’s not perfect. I’m human after all. But I love this life I’ve created, and it all started with me having the courage to put myself first and invest in me, invest in what I needed to THRIVE. What I needed to be able to fully support others in my life. What I needed to have a better career, to have deeper + stronger relationships, to have basically MORE of whatever I desired in my life.

I’m ready when you are. 

xoxo Ashley

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