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When You Want More Confidence & Less Self-Doubt

Things to do when you're playing small and want to feel more confident

At some point(s) in our lives, we question who we are and what we are doing in life. Knowing that there’s got to be more for us.

It is a common theme that I see when my clients first come to work with me – regardless of how successful and kicka$$ they already are.

And they’re playing small because of it.

Not feeling confident in the direction they’re headed. Even though technically everything looks good on paper.

Not sure where to take their business or career next because they’ve lost trust in themselves.

Spinning their wheels so much that they’ve lost confidence in who they are and any next step they take or decision they make.

Burning out because they’re not only mentally exhausted with all the second guessing, but physically too because they’re trying to be and do all of the things.

To figure out what it is they actually want in their life and work.

And then feeling less than because they haven’t figured it all out yet. 

So much so that it’s impacting their relationship with their partners, how they interact with their kids, and how they see themselves and what’s possible for their lives.

I have been there. I know what it’s like.

I also think it’s a place that SO many people experience at some point in their lives. 

First, know that it’s OK, and nothing has gone wrong.

Secondly, you don’t have to stay there. 

I know what it’s like to trust myself now. Truly. And Fully. 

To make the decision that is best for me in that moment. To handle whatever comes with it. And know I’ll figure it out and be fine no matter what.

I also know what it’s like to believe in myself so much that I find that clarity and confidence, and just keep going. Doing the hard things. The uncomfortable things. Figuring it out.

All so me and my family can truly live into Thriving. Feeling so free and good about my life – where I am now and where I am headed. 

This is for you, too. 

Because at the end of the day confidence is really just about belief and trust. In you. 

And the more you truly believe in yourself, the more you truly trust yourself, the more you truly thrive.

If you’re feeling a wobbly in your confidence right now, ask yourself these questions:

🌱 What do you need to believe about yourself to feel more confident?

🌱 What needs to shift in how you think about yourself? How you treat yourself?

🌱 How would you feel if confidence wasn’t important to you at all? What would your experience of life be like then?

🌱 What examples do you have of yourself always finding your way? Figuring it out and navigating through it all? Write them out. At least 5-10 of them.

🎤 Then go do something fun. Be silly. Scream your heart out to Tiffany’s “I think we’re alone now” – No? That’s just me who was in love with that song as a little girl? 🙂

And when you come back, book a call with me because your true self is dying to come out and play more. 

Let’s meet her again. Let’s get your confidence back. So you can truly thrive in both your life and your work.

My private 1:1 coaching container is for female entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and high-achievers who are ready for more in their life and business/career. I combine mindset, nervous system regulation, and strategy to support you in doing life and business on your terms. With confidence. Sans burnout. 

I currently have only one spot open in my coaching practice before I start a waitlist for working with me. Grab that last spot if you’re ready now. 

During the complimentary Discovery Call, we’ll have an hour-long conversation to talk through your challenges, aspirations and goals to help you gain clarity and confidence as well as see if we’re a good fit to work together right now. Regardless you’ll walk away with a boost of confidence and some resources tailored to you. 

As always – reach out with any questions by leaving a comment below or contacting me via! I’d love to hear what comes up for you as you ask yourself these questions around confidence and self-doubt.

xoxo Ashley

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