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You Aren’t Alone

Recently, I was on a flight from LA to Houston to visit my family. During the flight, I looked through the Notes app on my phone and found these two deeply personal notes that I had written in early May 2019 – before I had left my corporate career, before I had become a professional coach and just before I had sought coaching for myself. 

While these notes are personal, I am sharing because I know I’m not the only one who has had these thoughts and maybe even some of you are experiencing them now. I want you to know that you are not alone, especially as we close out 2021. I want you to know that it’s OK to feel lost and that it can get better.  

You aren’t alone in thinking that something is off – even though your career and life on paper seem great. 

You aren’t alone in wanting to work less, but still wanting to do a good job and be “successful”.

You aren’t alone in wanting to experience more of your life. 

You aren’t alone in wanting life to be about more than work. 

You aren’t alone in wanting to do something different even though it appears that you’re already succeeding in life and that you’re “killing it at a great job”. 

It’s OK to feel like something is missing from your life, even though it seems that you have everything you could have ever wanted. 

It’s OK to be so burnt out that you have know idea what that could be.

Success doesn’t have one definition. It is something personal.

You get to decide what your life looks like and what defines a successful day, a successful year, a successful life. That is all up to you.

I wanted something more. More out of life, more out of my career. But not where I was so burnt out getting there. I was working for companies who are impacting the lives of many, but I wanted something different. And that’s OK. Even if it meant starting over. Even if it meant I’d have to figure out the financials. Even if it meant I was scared AF. 

AND YOU CAN TOO. We are resilient, we can do scary things. 

And because I know how valuable it is to be on this journey with others, I’m opening up my first-ever Group Coaching Mastermind for 4-6 women to help each other get more out of our lives and careers, to be inspired, and to feel empowered to be, do and have whatever we want. We begin the first week of March. If you’re interested, book a Discovery Call with me. 

I also have a couple of openings available in my 1:1 Coaching Practice. Book a Discovery Call with me to see if we’re a good fit (you’ll also receive some tools that you can start using right away!).


xoxo Ashley

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