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Your Ability to Receive

Your ability to receive is directly related to how thriving and successful your life and career will be.

Yes, you read that right. It’s not how much you give, it’s not how much work you put in, it’s not the extra effort and it’s definitely not because you did it all by yourself.

Sure, some of these things are a part of thriving and creating a life + career you love, but it happens a whole lot more quickly and easily when you are able to receive.

And this goes with any area of your life – want more joy? Practice receiving. Want more love? Practice receiving. Want more money? Practice receiving. Want more inspiration? Practice receiving. Want more time? Practice receiving.

You get the gist.

You also have to believe you are worthy of receiving. And you are. Full stop. Just for being here on this planet. Just for being a human (as well as all living beings + things, goodness knows I love my cats and they too are worthy of receiving my love, the food we provide them, etc, just for being here 😻).

We don’t have to “earn” what receive. Someone offers to help you – accept and say thank you. Someone gives you a compliment, practice saying thank you (full stop, no discounting it or deflecting it – especially goes for us women – we’ve been sooooo over-conditioned to give and not fully receive – help, compliments, support, time for ourselves, you name it).

I’m going to dive into this more next week in my newsletter as well as provide some things you can do to cultivate your receiving skills, so get on my email list if you want to learn more. You can sign up here.

xoxo Ashley

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